Regalo Art

Gift workshop

CHOOSEa unique product made with attention and passion.

OFFER with appreciation and affection a handmade gift.

RECEIVE this gift that includes the grace and beauty of a declaration of friendship and love.


Reasons to choose a handmade gift

Give a unique gift
  • they are unique
  • they are personal
  • they are made with love and care

  • they allow creativity to flourish
  • they are less commercial gifts

Windows with handmade stories

Ferestre cu povesti handmade

“There are many wonderful moments when you can give handmade gifts “

“Buying a handmade product is about asserting and giving life to the human voice.”

“It is in human nature to value the creative spirit. “

“When you create something, you leave a part of yourself in your creation.”

“Handmade products are made in an environment of joy, honor and respect.”

“Everything is much more beautiful when it is worked with the heart.”

Telephone orders

Order the desired product by phone. Prepare the product code and the address to which you want to send it.

Trade Shows Exhibitions

We have exhibited our creations at several Fairs and Exhibitions of handmade products.