Feng Shui dressing table


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New dressing table from pine solid wood decorated according to Feng Shui principles.

Dimensions: Width: 50 cm, Length: 88 cm, Height: 24 cm

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Through colors, positive energies are brought into the house, and each color represents a stage of energy that has different values and can influence our emotional and physical state.
The color that can be most easily perceived by the human eye is red. In the conception of Feng Shui, red is not only the basic color but also the element of fire, it is the color of power and positive energy. Red can mean happiness, attract attention and give the feeling of warmth, kindness. Also, red in Feng Shui signified wealth and luxury.
Being the basic color in Feng Shui style interior design, red has the ability to highlight the other colors, combine with them and make the space warm and friendly . Virtually any room must have something red, but the choice of that detail must be made carefully and in relation to the general style of the room.

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